Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the Size of Gate for Your Fence Project:

We’re often asked, How many gates are needed? What size gate should I have? In general, gate widths should be kept to a minimum. For residential use, you will need to consider and possibly check the measurements on the following:
Lawn Care Maintenance Equipment and Pedestrian Gates: Typically 3′ wide gates are sufficient for push mowers while riding lawnmowers usually require 4-5′ wide openings. Wheelbarrows can require a 4′ wide opening. It is always a good idea to measure your equipment or ask your landscaping/lawn mowing crew to measure theirs.

Driveway Gates and Vehicle Access Gates:

Considering that most highways are only approx. 10′ wide, most driveway gates are 10′ or 12′ wide, however some are larger. Larger driveway gates are often installed because a vehicle will not or cannot pull in straight; vehicles will be turning as they drive through the gate opening. This is especially important for vehicles pulling trailers and boats.

Semi-Annual Traffic for large equipment entry:

Frequently our customers have wanted larger gates for the septic tank truck or to be prepared in case they need to get a backhoe in for repair. However, a large gate can be unnecessary and add extra cost to your project. In instances where a property only needs to be accessed a couple times a year or during a special event, consider installing 2-3 removable sections of fence. This can be done at a modest cost and it is not any more laborious than installing the fence to begin with. The method of doing this is dependent on the style of fence being installed.