Placing Gates in the Wrong Location

Listen to the experience your fencing contractor can give – he’s worked on hundreds of projects and usually seen it all before. Make sure you have thought out exactly where you need your gates, what they will be used for, what size vehicles will need access in the future and if everything will work as they are supposed to.

Incorrectly Spaced Posts

Measure twice, cut once and lay out the fence as designed.

Unsecured Anchor/Corner Posts

Corner posts are very important to the integrity of a fence. They bear a lot of the pressure, especially when constructing the fence.

Not Checking for Underground Utilities

You do not want your new fence to go viral on the internet for all the wrong reasons such as cutting into a gas line.

Not Paying Attention to Property Lines

Besides being forced to move the fence at your cost – this common mistake can come back to haunt you years and years later. In Massachusetts, if your fence is in the wrong place, you may lose that land to your neighbor after 21 years of continual use.

Choosing the Wrong Kind of Fencing

Ask questions and make sure that the kind of fence you intend to build will do the job you intend it to do. What may have been easy to paint when you are young and healthy can become a expensive and burdensome task as you grow older.